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    Multimedia  Presentations

    The Benefits of working with MXP.

    With over 10 years in the overall planning, management and implementation of events, MXP provides complete in house production of: Audio Visual- Multimedia Presentations- Lighting - Staging- Corporate Events- Music Services-Power.
    If you are currently shopping for multiple providers, you will find substantial savings working with MXP. We own or source all the equipment that we need for the job . We do what it takes tomake your event the best it can be.

    Event Management: Where required, we are happy to take on full management of your event including catering, production, security, infrastructure etc. Working hundreds of events makes us an ideal partner to manage your entire event. From weddings to festival sites, to PR projects, to conferences and roadshows. This range of experience means we understand the vital importance of balance between aesthetics, budget, deadlines and marketing.

    Safety Management: It is vital that you choose a company that will ensure your event runs smoothly and that you do not become responsible for poor safety practices. We appreciate this and understand that safety management is vital to the management of events. Some things to consider are permits, police and crowd control. Call us 416 795 7400 or email
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  • About Mike Feld

    A Wealth Of Experience

    With over 20 years of event planning Mike knows what it it takes to make your event the special day it should be. Whether your event is a conference, awards show, party, outdoor event, or something more unusual, he has the experience, skills and equipment to deliver a first-class production service that will inspire, motivate and excite your guests. It starts with a personal meeting to consult with you on every detail, leaving nothing to chance. He knows what works and what doesn't for all situations. All of Most Excellent staff have been hand picked by Mike to ensure professionalism on every level creating a Most Excellent Event!

    Misting Tents

    • We have two misting units that can be affixed to any 10' x 10' or 10' x 20'.
      If the client doesn’t have a tent we can provide that also.
      They require power and a garden hose water source, but we have silent generators and can arrange for large filled water barrels so that they can be set up remotely, anywhere. Call us at 416 795 7400 or email
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  • Complete Events


    We cater for a wide range of PA systems from a small conference speech sound system to large scale concert systems and live music production. We appreciate the important differences in each application and have specific equipment tailored to every use. Call us! 416 795 7400 or email


    A stage can have a huge effect on how an event is perceived. We have many options for stages including custom indoor, outdoor, flooring and overhead structures. We also provide the highest quality sound and lighting systems to be used in conjunction with the stage.

    Creative/ Video Services

    Complete graphic design and production. We will design and produce backdrops, tradeshow booths, banners and promotional material. Powerpoint, Live Video, editing and slideshows are also part of our services. Download our tradeshow catalogue.

  • Contact Info

    If you are planning an event and want to discuss your ideas, or find more about our services, or arrange a site visit, feel free to contact us via email or telephone.

    Most Excellent Productions:


    905 642 0683
    416 795 7400


    Awards Show Sets- Agency Support- Blackout Drapes- Building Projections- Concert Lighting- Car Launch Events- Fashion Shows-Drape Rental- Event Carpet- Event Decor- Event Drapes- Events Stage- Events Lighting- Event Projection- Stage Lighting- Film and TV Support- Event Flooring- Film Premieres- Marquee Party Tent- Mobile Stage Hire- Outdoor Power Distribution- Outdoor Projections- Venue Decoration- Powerpoint Presentations.


  • Most Excellent Events

    Event Lighting

    Lighting is an extremely effective way of creating the atmosphere you want for your Event. You will want your guests to feel relaxed, excited, full of anticipation, and enthusiastic...or a combination of all of these! We can create the mood you want using colours, shapes, toning effects and angles. We work in various spaces, from halls to tents and aircraft hangars. The correct and safe use of rigging gives us the perfect canvas to work from. Lighting equipment used creatively provides the perfect atmosphere.

    Pipe and Drape

    Whether you are having a conference, wedding or ball, drapery is the best way of completely transforming a venue. We can provide a range of draping solutions that that will help create the atmosphere you want. Event drapes are ideal for: Creating breakout rooms in a larger venue. Creating partitions in a space. Hiding the walls of a venue. Dressing or "bringing down" the roof of a space. Themimg a room.

    Product Launches

    Launching a new product, premises or service must be done in a way that reflects your brand accurately and in the way you want it to be seen. Your launch event is a key element in achieving this. We work with a range of consumer-targeted and corporate clients to help them put on the perfect event to achieve their goals. We can assist with the provision of: Custom set design to reinforce your brand image or message. Lighting to create the right atmosphere, anticipation or energy at the event. Printed graphics for displaying brand imagery and messages Feature items to inspire and excite guests including projections, and effects plus an Emcee and artists to host and keep the energy up. Reachus at 416 795 7400